Counseling vs. Coaching


Though all people could find both counseling and coaching helpful at some point in their lives, understanding the goals and intentions behind each form of therapy can assist in guiding you towards which modality is going to be best for you based on your needs.

Counseling is often times conducted for the use of revisiting one’s past and finding healing from his or her wounds. Many people suffer from depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Multiple Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and many other disorders. These disorders commonly result from issues in a client’s childhood or early adult life. The way that many people cope with disorders, stressors, anxiety, depression, and grief depends on the person, but many people will react in the form of eating disorders, anxiety disorders, anger, frustration, avoidance, or other coping tactics. The goal of counseling is for clients to recover from their past wounds and move towards a lifestyle of healing, finding freedom from their pain.

On the other hand, coaching is a helpful method that looks toward the future. Coaching is for people who desire to see improvement and beneficial change in their lives. Rather than healing from the past, coaching focuses on moving forward and asks the question, “How can we improve your lifestyle and meet your goals?” Coaching strives to make challenging goals and meet those goals by utilizing intense accountability and motivation. Coaches often work with specific people depending upon their personal goals. Some people may seek coaching for help in the business world, for growth in relationships, or even to reach their potential from a wellness standpoint. Coaching can be conducted on countless different topics, but its primary focus is to looks toward the future and the goals clients have set.

Often times, therapy involves skills and tools from both a counseling and coaching background and perspective as one heals from wounds from the past and moves forward into their future. The goal of both is to assist someone with living their best life in the present and moving forward into the future.