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Welcome to Align Counseling & Coaching! Whether you stumbled upon my page or are making an intentional visit, I am grateful that you are here. We all know that life is a complicated journey, and every experience in ones story contains duality. Where there is love, there is often pain; where there is joy, there is often sorrow. While we can usually name these dualities of emotion, we may be unsure how to process them. It can be challenging to carry the feelings, thoughts and personal beliefs that come up for us without feeling weighed down or hindered.

My goal is to meet you wherever you are in your journey, allowing those complicated feelings and experiences to help shape your personal growth. Using individually tailored, person-centered therapy, I work to assist you in gaining insight, deepening your understanding of yourself, discovering and reviving your strengths and passions, and releasing beliefs and practices that no longer serve you.

It’s time to let go so you can grow. 



“healing comes in waves

and maybe today the wave hits the rocks

and that’s ok,

that’s ok, darling

you are still healing

you are still healing.”

-ljeoma Umbinyuo, be gentle with yourself